Synopsis: A breakthrough film about female friendship and rebellion, Foxfire features the star-making performance of Angelina Jolie and the film debuts of Hedy Burress and model Jenny Shimizu.

Based on the controverisal novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Foxfire follows four suburban high school girls who are united when a mysterious stranger inspires them to take revenge on a sexually abusive teacher. but when the local jocks decide to teach the girls a lesson, their hard-won freedom becomes a violent trap.


Run Time:102 minutes

Director: Annette Haywood-Carter

Dvd Extra's: Subtitles: English or Spanish, Angelina Jolie Talent File, Theatrical Trailers.

Nudity Factor: Movie opens with a naked guy getting photographed, Angelina Jolie is topless giving you several long looks at her breasts, Hedy Burress is also topless in a scene along with Jenny Shinniza.

Of Note: The movie takes place in Portland, Oregon, while the book the movie is based on takes place in Hammond, New York.

Review by: Jason James
This movie was touted as being The Breakfast Club of the 90's. I don't think it is quite that but I can see why it is compared as such. I do have a few problems with the story as it has a few weak points in it. I think at a point in the movie the story could go in a bunch of different directions and I was kind of disappointed by the direction it choose to go in. I also think the years that have gone by since this film was made show a clear change in the times. The girls would have gotten more support from parents and the school. I am not saying that things like this don't happen but when it does I think society listens a little more now than they did in 1996. I have no problem with the time I spent watching this film but unless you find this DVD on a sales rack I wouldn't spend a whole lot of money on it.